StarWind H-CP: Hyper-V’s Most Integrated Hyper-Converged Platform

July 10, 2015

Date: 29 July, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


  • Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.
  • Todd Kisida, Director of Technology and Support, xByte Technologies
  • Symon Perryman, Vice President of Business Development, 5nine Software

A Hyper-Converged plug-n-play solution is the simplest way to build your virtualization infrastructure, saving time and effort by integrating servers, storage, network, management software and backup. Not only does this platform solve the problem of virtualization deployment complexity, it also saves you at least 40% of the cost compared to getting the same components separately.

Join our demo-rich session to learn how xByte Technologies servers, centralized Hyper-V management from 5nine Software, StarWind Virtual SAN and Veeam backup all integrated together deliver the best virtualization experience!

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Live Webinar! Mellanox and StarWind: 100 GbE Performance at 10 GbE Cost

July 10, 2015

Date: 21 July, 10am PT/ 1pm ET


  • Motti Beck, Director of Marketing, Mellanox Technologies
  • Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

How fast your storage can go? Whatever! StarWind with Mellanox can do infinity – twice!

How about 40 GbE network gear at the cost of 10 GbE with the performance of 100 GbE? What if you could go further than that and render most of I/O locally? Taking StarWind Virtual SAN together with Mellanox end-to-end interconnect solutions you will get an ultra-performing virtual storage, where going over the wire doesn’t impact IOPS whatsoever.

How many IOPS can StarWind do with Mellanox? All of them. Join our webinar and learn how.


Webinar: Save $10K + on SQL Deployment in Microsoft Azure

June 30, 2015

Date: 7 July, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET


  • Max Kolomyeytsev, StarWind Software Product Manager
  • Edwin Sarmiento, Microsoft SQL Server MVP & Microsoft Certified Master

More and more companies move their IT infrastructure to the cloud to ensure business continuity. But can the cloud enable the true fault tolerance? What if an application or moreover a database fail inside the cloud?

The database clustering solutions are the answer, but they are expensive for SMBs / ROBOs. Can you imagine there is the solution which will cluster the database workloads and save you 2/3 of expenses?

Join Edwin Sarmiento and Max Kolomyeytsev and they will show how you can achieve it deploying SQL clustering in Microsoft Azure.


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Live Webinar: Building Storage for Availability and Survivability

June 24, 2015

Speaker: Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International LLC

With software-defined storage taking hold both as a model for building data storage infrastructure behind servers and as a template for designing ready-made hyper-converged server/storage hardware nodes, IT planners confront many options for creating a high performance, cost efficient platform for data hosting.

Just as important, however, is the design of storage infrastructure for high availability – to protect against hardware and software glitches – and for survivability – to ensure data accessibility in the face of disasters with a broader geographical footprint.

In this Brown Bag webinar, IT-SENSE editor and chief Jon Toigo kicks things off with a discussion of the requirements for building a bullet proof storage infrastructure using software-defined and hyper-converged elements.

He will be joined in the Between Two LUNs segment by storage expert Max Kolomyeytsev from StarWind Software to talk about the availability/survivability of StarWind technology and the resiliency of its latest hyper-converged infrastructure product, developed in connection with xByte Technologies.

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Tap Room Meeting: StarWind 2-Node Hyper-Converged for VMware

June 22, 2015

Tap Room welcomes a new host, Oles Borys!

Date: 25 June, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Host: Oles Borys, Solution Engineer, StarWind Software Inc.

Join our Tap Room Meeting to follow step-by-step configuration of StarWind Virtual SAN in VMware environment. You will be StarWind paired with LSFS (Log-Structured File System) in action and see how they improve storage redundancy and boost performance. Just juggling with IOmeter figures live.

*Virtualize responsibly!


SAN Must Die!

June 19, 2015

Do you hate SANs as we hate them? No, seriously?

They were great place to store your grandfather’s old database, but why the heck would anyone use them to store Virtual Machine images? SANs were never designed to handle virtualization workload!

Also, with today’s high-capacity spindles, PCIe attached flash and 40 Gb Ethernet all being commodities, it’s simpler, faster and cheaper to use virtual shared storage for virtualization purposes.

Get your cure to SANs disease free, now, right here.


Live Webinar: Hyper-V in ‪Windows‬ Server 2016: Reboot oder Revolution

June 16, 2015

Datum: 24 Juni, 2:00 CEST

– Thomas Maurer, Cloud-Architekt, itnetx gmbh
– Max Kolomyeytsev, Produktmanager, StarWind SoftWare Inc.

Nach der Ansage von Windows Server 2016 Ignite wurde diese von zahlreichen Kritiken und Blog-Posts gefolgt. Aber auch nach Pre-Tests bleiben Fragen: ob die neuen Funktionen das Leben der Hyper-V-Administratoren leichter machen? Ob das neue Hyper-V nur eine Aktualisierung (Upgrade) der vorherigen Version ist oder ist das die Volle “Revolution”?

Da es keine Zeitmaschine gibt, um die Antworten auf diese Fragen im Voraus zu bokommen, besuchen Sie unser Webinar, um die Funktionalität (Features) von Windows Server 2016 und der nächsten Version von Hyper-V zu besprechen. Was mann von einem Powershell-Direct, Shielded VMsStorage Spaces Direct and Replica erwarten kann und ob tatsächlich die neue Hyper-V-Host-Hardware gebraucht wird?

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Yet another success by StarWind!

June 12, 2015

StarWind has recently acquired Citrix XenServer 6.5 Certification, completing the list of certifications, adding to those from ‪VMware‬ (vSphere 6.0 & vSphere 5.5 Certifications) and ‪‎Microsoft‬ (Windows Server 2012 R2).

What this means is that ‪StarWind‬ Virtual SAN is eligible for Microsoft, VMware and Citrix support services, being part of HCL.

To achieve this kind of acknowledgement, StarWind Virtual SAN passed a series of tests to prove the product’s compatibility as part of these vendors’ joint solutions.

It’s fair to say that StarWind now has every “MUST HAVE” certification.


Webinar Attendees Get Books!

June 12, 2015
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StarWind congratulates the happy owners of the book “Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Installation and Configuration Guide” by Aidan Finn!

The lucky winners are:

– Steve Bowker from South Puget Sound Community College
– John Li from Intel Corporation
– David Jobes from Commtech
– Allen Duke from Morsco
– Nathan Caspers from Secured Virtual IT

Thank you for being with us at our webinars!

Enjoy the reading!


Get Unbelievable Performance without Expensive All-Flash Arrays

June 10, 2015

Date: 16 June 10am PT / 1pm ET

Have you noticed the way all-flash arrays silently conquered the market of high-performance storage? And do you know it’s really possible to get all-flash performance without actually spending a fortune?

Spindle drives are too weak for the task, you say. StarWind unchains the spindle drives to enable the performance you have never expected even from the best SAS spindles.

Learn how to acquire the technology you could previously only get with high-end hardware SANs. Now it’s more simple than ever, install the software and get ready to transform your Datacenter.

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