‎Taproom‬ Bluff in Hyper‬-Converged Stuff and the Ways to See Through It

April 3, 2015

Date: 9 April, 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Host: Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.

So you’re out in a hunt for new components to start building a scalable‪ ‎virtualization‬ environment at last. Now watch out because you’re about to bite the bait set by hyper-converged computing vendors. 
Some of the baits look as simple as price or feature, smart set up multiple baits like bluffing claims to be “hardware agnostic” or allowing for both scale up and scale out and then they increase their chance for luck of getting a backdoor to your IT budget.

Do you want to learn how to avoid these baits and caveats and build a truly robust and scalable virtualization environment without having to sell your car and house?

Join our Tap Room Meeting and see how StarWind virtual SAN allows to create a highly available and scalable virtualization environment using any hardware and hypervisor of your choice.

*Virtualize responsibly!


Meet StarWind Team at MS Ignite 2015!

March 30, 2015

Request a chance to schedule a personal meeting with Anton Kolomyeytsev, StarWind Founder and CTO, or Joseph Preston, VP of Sales at Microsoft Ignite 2015.

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Tap Room Meeting ‎VMware‬ and ‪‎StarWind‬ Virtual SAN: from Two to Infinity and Beyond

March 27, 2015

Let’s put all cards on the table: VMware is good, their VSAN is good. But is it good for all situations? Get yourself on the most comfortable chair in the Tap Room, open the whisky bottle, and our host will tell you why it is better to start with two shots instead of drinking off the whole bottle.*The only Tap Room, where no one will snatch your cocktail if you leave it on a table.Host: Anatoly Vilchinskiy, Head of Support Department, StarWind Software Inc.Virtualize properly!


Win the Full Conference Pass for the Microsoft Ignite 2015!

March 25, 2015

Attend or register for any ‪‎StarWind‬ ‪‎webinar‬ or ‪Tap Room‬ Meeting till 16 April and take a chance to win the Full Conference Pass for Microsoft‪ ‎Ignite‬ 2015!The winner will be announced at StarWind blog, and on Facebook and Twitter pages on the 20th of April!win_ms_ignite_470_246-2


StarWind V2V Converter Update

March 19, 2015

We have updated StarWind V2V Converter to version V8 Build 161, adding a number of convenient features.StarWind V2V Converter allows the user to convert VMs from one format to another, basically “cloning” them and keeping the original copy intact. It comes either with any version of StarWind Virtual SAN, or as a standalone free tool. Here is the list of the latest improvements:

  • We have added support for MS VHDX container format. It requires running on Windows 8/2012 or higher version of Windows.
  • Windows Repair Mode may be activated for converted image, allowing virtual machines to adapt to hardware environment of a new hypervisor automatically.
  • Extended the command-line utility to support VHDX format and repair mode option.
  • Introduced new style of GUI in V2V Converter Wizard.
  • Added help file to installation.

Download StarWind V2V Converter V8 Build 161 here!


Webinar: Scale Out Freely: No Hardware Lock-in

March 12, 2015

Date: 25 March, 11 am PT / 2 pm ETSpeaker: Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software Inc.Scale-out has come up as the technology to meet the constantly increasing demands to storage capacity. Unlike Scale-up, it allows scaling horizontally. But it also has some caveats. In most cases you need to stick to specific hardware with none or limited configuration options, which is cost- and efforts- consuming. You have to follow only one scenario – “compute and storage separated” or hyper-converged one, which essentially kills the idea of flexibility. The entry price is also an issue since most of the vendors sell minimum 3 hosts, even if you just need 2 for your environment.Join Max Kolomyeytsev to learn to avoid these caveats and benefit from:- Scale-out and scale up with NO hardware lock-in- Scale-out with ANY hypervisor- Support “compute and storage separated” and hyper-converged scenarios simultaneously- Asymmentric Scale-outRegister!


Tap Room Meeting: ‎StarWind‬ Drop Makes a Pint of ‪Microsoft‬ Windows Server Environment Taste Better

March 11, 2015

Host: Anatoly Vilchinskiy, Head of Support Department of StarWind Software Inc.Sit comfortably in your seats, `cause at this tap room we will have a looong discussion about how exactly StarWind Virtual SAN allows Windows Server based datacenters squeeze out the maximum from cost-, performance- and capacity-efficiency.*Our Tap Room Meeting is the only one where you can make bubbles through a straw*Book a table here!


StarWind March Discount Countdown and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

March 6, 2015

StarWind Software is introducing a March Discount Countdown and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee special offer!So, when buying StarWind Virtual SAN, you are automatically benefiting from both campaigns!March Discount Countdown OfferThe faster you take advantage of this offer, the more you save.The Discount begins at 20%, and will decrease by 5% every week until the end of the month.So, act fast, and maximize your discount!March 1st-8th: 20%March 9th-15th: 15%March 16th-22nd: 10% March 23rd-31st: 5%Please either contact your existing StarWind representative, email sales@starwind.com or submit the request form.30-Day Money Back Guarantee OfferStarting from March 5, 2015 on, StarWind is providing a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee* to all new customers due to our confidence in the quality of StarWind Virtual SANIf you, as a new customer, are not satisfied with the product*, we will refund the price paid within 30 days after the order placement.Do not hesitate, request the quote, or contact StarWind Sales team at sales@starwind.com*The Money Back Guarantee offer is based on the product not meeting technical specifications, which must be confirmed by our engineering staff.


Webinar: Microsoft Hyper-V: 4 Things You Should Know to Ensure Storage HA and Security

March 5, 2015

Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 3 pm GMTSpeakers:

  • Alexander Karavanov, Director of Sales Engineering, 5nine Software
  • Max Kolomyeytsev, Product Manager, StarWind Software

Data protection, storage security and 24/7 operations are minimum requirements for every IT infrastructure. Virtualization offers many benefits, but it makes these three items absolutely crucial for business continuity. All Hyper-V administrators must  deliver storage high availability (HA), properly secure the virtual environment and have redundant disaster recovery plans in place.Join us and learn how to:

  • Secure and protect stored data
  • Simplify network administration
  • Increase storage HA
  • Reduce expenses

Register now!


A Story of Successful Deployment of StarWind Virtual SAN in Education

March 5, 2015

Every day our company solves a number of complicated and long lasting IT infrastructure related problems of different businesses.

That is why we tend to call the finished projects “Success Stories”. By presenting them, we explain in what way StarWind Software assisted IT-specialists in multiple spheres.

We believe that Education and IT always “go together”.  IT, belonging to one of the fastest growing industries, requires intellectual resources, which are mainly supplied by the Education sector. At the same time, the Education sector is fully supported by the newest developments in IT and is unable to progress without deploying its results into the daily activity.

So, one of our Education-related customers, The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, contacted us because of the necessity to create the highly available virtual storage appliance (5 GB), which could protect the intellectual data for educational and personal purposes.

After experiencing the multiple scenarios, when one of the servers’ storage capacities run out and there was a pressing need of purchasing and bringing online of an extra one, the university IT staff started to look for an alternative solution.

Seeing the excess storage space on some servers, while others were running out of it, the university IT staff decided to go for clustered file server option.

The cost of StarWind plus the flexibility to deploy the Virtual SAN software on any server using any disk drives made StarWind the clear choice for the university. Absence of hardware lock-in and the scalability to keep pace with the growing storage demands were important decision factors to stick with this solution.

As a result, StarWind optimized the storage capacity, achieved high data availability and saved money for the university IT department!

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